27 August 2012

Bright On: Shay Mitchell Outfit Inspiration

I've never noticed before how trendy Shay Mitchell dresses off set, they always put her into really casual clothes you would wear around the house on PLL. I don't follow celebrities though, so I guess that may be the reason why.
She wore this lovely ensemble out to an event, not sure where or when but it would have been recently judging by colours and cuts. I didn't go online shopping, my bank balance had a nice relaxing weekend, but I did go online window shopping to find some lovely pieces similar to the ones Shay was wearing in that photo. Here's the end result:

I was originally going to name this "Shay Mitchell Look For Less" but the shorts and blazer were a little bit too expensive for it to be called cheap! Eep, they were both nearing the $85 price mark each. I can't say they don't look good, but I probably wouldn't spend that much if I can find cheaper alternatives offline. Call me cheap, but I just don't wear most pieces in my wardrobe enough for me to pay that much for them :(.
Putting whatever else aside, these pieces are rocking pretty, and they scream right now. The neon colours are really trending right now, they look amazing with simple black and white, and if you're like me you'll love to mix it up with the boring black phase I've fallen into over winter.
Black is out, neon is in, and it looks amazing with white, really gives it that pop of colour you need for springtime...that is if you live here in Australia. I was getting so sick of winter towards the end of it, but these last few days it has been so nice and sunny that I've completely forgotten about all my worries.
This outfit is great for pre-summer, you can team it with some skin coloured stockings and you're good to go.
Even though Shay didn't have a clutch with her, I thought I would go that extra bit of length. I found this clutch in store at Colette about a week ago and I really liked the bright yellow/lime and how the style of the hardware went so well with the bright pop of colour. Your screen may be fooling you when you see yellow! That clutch is actually a lime/yellow shade, but it looks super pretty and on trend so even if you end up ordering it online I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
I wanted to attach a nice bracelet and ring combo, but the picture was getting a little too crowded already, diddums. You get the idea though :) I probably would've teamed it with a nice rose gold ring pack and simple studded bracelet, as you can mix your rose golds in with your golds, it will look pretty and on trend. I love mixing my metals!

I hope you all like this bright copy cat outfit! I tried to find really similar pieces, that's why I couldn't name it a Look For Less, but I still think it looks great.

Have a lovely day girls and guys :)

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