15 November 2011

Lookbook.nu account :)

I know I hardly write anymore, and I'm sorry! I have so much going on at uni and in my social life that I just don't seem to find time for myself anymore. I'm not sure what it was that made me think , "oh let's blog today" but then I had an urge to make a lookbook...so I did ;).

So guys, this is what I wore today! The top collage is what I uploaded to lookbook, the bottom two are so serious haha I swear I look like a horse in the one on the left :P. I wore this today to uni and to take my resume into a place called Dissh near my uni, wish me luck :D I really need a new job! No money means no new clothes or anything :( so upsetting because I could really use a whole heap of new bags and accessories...possibly a few new pairs of shoes?...Maybe?
My bracelet was a gift...a hand-made gift too :D from a really good friend back in Europe, I've had it for ages now and I love it she glued a crotchet ribbon on it and it looks great, I also have a pink beaded bracelet on..I'm not sure what stones they are but my dad got them for me, I have so many of them I have a jade one as well which is a beautiful green colour that I plan on wearing a lot this summer. I'll ask my dad what sort of stone this is, because I know they're remedial :). The sheer cape I'm wearing is one of my fave pieces at the moment! It's so lovely, falls so great and gives off this pj vibe :P like I just got out of bed and decided to go somewhere in my pjs. It's most girls dream to be able to go out in comfy pjs and be called stylish, and the least bit insane. I have another one as well which is a little shorter, in a sheer fabric with red flowers on it, you're bound to see it sometime soon. 
My bag , I got it from forever new, it wasn't in the picture on lookbook but it cost me $60 :) so pretty! It's perfect for uni because I can fit my iPad in it, wallet, water, phone and still have room left. I wore a pair of white sandals I got from Europe :)
If anyone out there is thinking, "gee I've seen that top on a 14 year old the other day I swear..." then you probably may have, because indeed it is from SUPRÉ. You can't deny that when you're on a strict budget, their basics are heaven sent! Their other clothes have improved heaps over the last four years I didn't even want to set foot in their store. They have some really nice things now, nothing flashy that you would go "whoa that's so different I haven't seen that anywhere else" but ones that you would team with more busy pieces. For pieces I could melt in the sight of I go to Forever New, Bardöt, Sportsgirl (if I want something more hippy or indie) etc. My fave is Forever New though, they have my style all over the place in that store...although my bank account fears for it's life when one is in sight haha. Boxing day is coming up though girlies ;) so I'm going to get a job asap so I can hurry up and save up for it already! I just posted a status on facebook telling everyone not to buy me any presents, instead give me money :P ehehe. I'm one to buy meaningful presents and I appreciate them a lot, but I haven't saved up much this year so I'm going to need all the help I can get :(.

I think that's all for tonight my pretties, maybe even a little too much!
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :)

8 September 2011

My NYX wishlist

I have been MIA for a while now, I realise that :p. But I'm back :), I realised a week ago that I need to start doing things again that make me happy. I stopped doing many things I liked because my relationship started going downhill I couldn't concentrate on many things, and then we broke up, then you have that stage when you just don't want to do anything at all! Oh it was terrible, and I'm sure all you girls know what I mean. I mean, honestly, put your hands up if you've ever felt like this after a breakup. It's the worst feeling, but I knew it would wear off very soon, and it did and now I'm back and all shopped out! So here come the new outfit posts, clothing hauls, my rants about my love for designers and something new I thought I would try make-up tutorials! My best friend said I should start making YouTube videos, because she says I'm really good at doing my make-up and I thought I might as well :) I have nothing to lose. So I'll post them on here as well and you can tell me what you think.

I always hear girls rant on about the make-up brand NYX whether it be a lip stick, blush or eyeshadow pigment. I thought I would go on the hunt to see how much these little babies cost, and believe it or not it's as cheap as the amount of times I heard people rant on about it. I bought lip sticks for $7, lip pencils for $4 and eyeshadows for $6. So cheap! And they work so much better than drugstore brands. I don't want to hate on any brands but I'm not the biggest fan of ones like Revlon or Maybelline. They're overpriced in Australia for the quality they bring.

I posted a few things I got on my facebook, but the photos aren't the best quality so I don't want to put them on here :) I think I'll start with the eyes! That's the second thing I always do after the base.
 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in "I Dream of Barbados"
First off, my fave selection of eyeshadows right now in one palette! The picture doesn't give justice to the amazing colours I can assure you. I'm usually afraid of pink pigments on my eyes, because they can easily make you look like you have some sort of icky eye infection, but this one is so lovely and professional that I fell in love straight away. These colours are so lovely! I was able to go out partying saturday night using four of these colours alone :) so lovely and they stayed on the whole night. The name of the palette is also so cute! Whenever I tell someone or see the packaging it makes me smile :) I want to buy a few other ones from this palette selection as well because they're just so nice. In the US it's only $8.75 for a palette meanwhile it's $16.99 here :( but these are still much cheaper than many other quality brands.
 Glitter Cream Palette in "Ice Queen"
I would just like to say, do not put these on top of powder eyeshadows girls! I made that mistake on saturday night, not being sure of how creamy they would be and they were pretty solid, so I had to redo my right eye on saturday night :( But these do look really really nice on, just not with powder eyeshadow as you can't blend them properly so it just looks silly. This only cost me $9.95, so again they're quite inexpensive for the quality they bring.

I also bought a black eyeliner, which I also love :) it's just a simple black eye pencil. It's quite creamy, but not creamy enough to smudge so I would definitely recommend it :)

And now, ta daaaaa onto the lips!
 Lip Smacking Fun Color in "617 - Summer Love"
I opened this at the shops, right after I bought it to try it out, and I accidentally broke it. It was so embarrassing because I didn't realise until after I went to put it away. It is the creamiest lip stick I have ever come across. So good! And it's really good on winter days when your lips are looking for some moisture. Opt for this lip stick if you want something creamy and soft :) The colour is also lovely, I have been looking for the perfect nude for a year and I have found it.
 Jumbo Lip Pencil in "712 - Plush Red"
Yummy colour! But also full of colour, so girls please be careful when putting on and make sure not to do it in the car haha speaking from experience it's really hard to get it off.
 Jumbo Lip Pencil in "704 - Hot Red"
Also such a nice colour, it reminds me of Dita Von Teese, she always has beautiful pin up makeup with the nicest shade of red lip stick. I actuall lost my original one I bought a few days after buying it but I replaced it! That's how much I love it :)
Lip Smacking Fun Color in "592 - Baby Pink"
Also the same amount of creaminess as the top one, and it's such a nice colour. More shimmery than it is in the picture, and it's not too noticeable when on but it's really nice when you have dramatic eyes.

Don't these colours just make you want to jump out of your chair and run to buy them? :D I don't often like a make-up brand too much, they never really get my attention, but NYX has lovely colours and is good quality! :)

Hope I encouraged some of you to buy something from their range ;)

Have a lovely day everyone :)
<3 xeni

12 July 2011

Blake Lively, and her amazing hair!

Have you ever noticed that Blake Lively always looks flawless? Her style is to die for, and her hair is always sexy. Right now, everyone is talking about her beautiful look at the BAFTA's :), so pretty! What made me notice it more is her hair. I'm always jealous of her hair styles in gossip girl, and have numerously copied many of them (with a lot of compliments might I add).
I think part of the reason this look caught my eye is because I'm a big fan of plaits and braids. They make an up-do look so romantic and girly :) I will definitely try this one out, if I do I'll post it :)

I'm not sure, but I really hope she's wearing underwear :) No one wants to pull a Britney at any red carpet event. Her dress has the most amazing details on it and the colour is so elegant, reminds me of a modern wedding dress. Her gossip girl outfits, even though those would be styled by a professional, are so great I tend to recreate them as well :P
Her earrings are so big! I can only imagine the pain that would come with this piece :)
I best be off, the weather is amazing today so I think I'm going to lay outside for some sun :) make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen if you're planning to go outside this summer :)

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :)
<3 xeni

My favourite dress

I bought this dress about a year and a half ago, if not more from Bardöt and I wasn't too sure if I liked it or not at the time. I only started wearing it since February and I've fallen in love with it :) it's so flowy, and has such a great summer feel to it. And just between us girls, I don't need a bra for this dress, and all girls know what a great feeling it is when you can leave your bra at home and still be wearing something nice.

Have a lovely day everyone :)
<3 xeni

4 July 2011

Models To Look Out For: Part 1

I thought that I would occasionally post some aspiring models, their photos a little about them, maybe a little interview with them? Sound good? I'm sure excited :) I hope you all like it.
The girls I will be choosing are all under the management of my dad. I thought I would start with Anita.

Model: Anita Hegedűs
Photographer: Molotov

Anita is an aspiring model, she is hoping to get onto the national runways. Her dream is to model Slava Zajcev's designs on the runway. She is half Russian, half Hungarian, and the Russian features are clearly shining through :)
I love this look, the makeup suits her features well. Pin-up girl makeup is such a classic, but if it's nailed in my opinion it would win me over if I had a choice between other looks. It's ideal for whatever face features, and it's so classy and clean.
The art of the 'perfect red lips' (yes, I know her lip stick shade is a more berry-ish colour :P) have to be practiced many times before nailed perfectly, but I think it's worth it. Her hair has been curled in these following shots, nothing out there, and again, classy and clean.

Enjoy, and have a lovely Monday everyone :)
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3 July 2011

Gombold Újra!

I say Fashion Show, you say 'Oh, that's only for the celebs' then I say pfft! Keep dreaming sister, I was there and I'm no celebrity ;).

Okay, so I may not have been to this particular one, I was still in Australia at this time, but my dad was, and that's close enough. My dad is a part time photographer, part time business man. He took the following lovely shots (unless stated otherwise). These shots were taken at a fashion show called 'Gombold Újra', you can take google translates words for it, or mine (mine's better ;) ) , but this simply means 'Button it up again" not some fancy name, but the photos you're about to see are seriously nice. The clothes were designed AND sewn by young aspiring Hungarian designers. Seriously amazing what these people have done :) I admire peolpe who can sew amazingly, because it really takes some time to learn the tricks of the trade. If anyone has ever tried sewing their own clothes from scratch without help, they are nodding right now knowing what I'm blabbering on about over here.

Anyways, these clothes are amazing!! The theme was to take traditional Hungarian clothing, and to make their own, that would have the same feel. I've picked out a few of my faves (okay maybe a bit more than a few, but it was really hard to resist, it's like shoes you just can't pick!) and put them up here, you tell me what you think! If there are any outfits in particular that has caught your eye, or you want to know more about the lovely designer, let me know, I'm sure my dad can let me know who is behind it :)
This one really stood the closest to traditional Hungarian clothing in my opinion. All this would be missing is a little less orange and more green. I liked this one because it looked traditional, yet it had a modern edge to it. In my opinion, trends haven't changed too much, it's been a huge cycle. Floral! It's there, and it was there a hundred years ago as well, plus, it was all handmade.
 These two dresses made me go gaga over them! The colours look so great, the dresses are modern but they look traditional in a few ways. The designer really nailed these two in my opinion. The red stockings are amazing with these dresses. I don't think I would wear these out anywhere, they would need to be toned down a bit of course, but the styling of it looks amazing.

 I'm not sure how this has oh so much to do with any sort of traditions, but I know that it looks really great. Perhaps the flower pattern on the front one? I'm amazed at the simplicity of these three designs, yet the amount of style that there is between them (it's a lot I can tell you that). Odd combination of colours, I don't prefer to team two brights with one dark, but it's seemed to work.
 Oh my, how this hit close to my heart! Everything about this looks trendy and so right now, but I guess that's what designers are for :P. This little piece I could imagine wearing to the beach, I love the hair for the model in the middle. So simple and cute.

 PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! Soo this season, and the past few for that matter. I love those tights, don't we all though? Please, object if you don't think the tights look cool. I don't think I would wear it, but it looks great on the model and with that ensamble. The teeny tiny print dress is just adorable, I would definitely wear that, same with the tops towards the back. I want to know where to buy these pieces. Showing them on the catwalk is just plain mean teasing!!
 Ruffles nomnomnom! Who wouldn't agree. She actually looks a bit like a cake, I would want it a bit toned down if i was to wear it, but it looks really nice, the main concept of it I love.
 My jaw dropped with i saw the outfit at the front! Didn't yours? The skirt, the sheer blouse omg! This was styled amazingly, the strapless sweetheart neckline top looks amazing under the sheer blouse.
 The floral prints, are a hit every season I would say. I don't know one season in the past couple of years where I've been told NOT to wear floral because if I do then I might as well walk down the runway of shame.

 SHOES! Need I say more? :) Girls love shoes, especially when it's being carried by lovely shoeless models ehehe
 Red+black! Reminds me of kids movies when I was little, if they had a devil in it, it looked like these girls! Okay, maybe not like these girls...but the colours anyway. If I had to style some modern musical that had a devil in it, I would choose these chic outfits.
 So chic, so traditional. Maybe not the colours, but the designs are terrific. It's amazing how a particular country's traditional clothing can be modernized in such a trendy way. Btw, those little boots boots? I want!

All these outfits are so amazing! I loved them, all the designers are just so talented, and I'm sure they will make it a long long way. To design these clothes is one thing, but to make them, oh my that would be insane :)

Have a lovely lazy Sunday, signing off at 1.47am..I'm a trooper :)

27 June 2011

Bootie love! And other Alice+Olivia goodies to kick off the week

The other day I was doing a bit of research for this blog, and I thought I would do an entry about those cute little ankle boots everyones wearing (or as I like to call them, booties or boots boots). I bumped into a really cute pair, by a designer who I haven't heard of yet (but I bet the rest of their collection is just as jaw-dropping-worthy as these little beasts :)
These Alice and Olivia Lesley booties are so cute!! I fell in love, I have to have it. The only problem here is that they retail at $345 which I would never spend on a pair of shoes! I thought, I would google around and try find a cheaper pair, perhaps the same pair on sale, but I wasn't very successful :(. I was highly devastated, so I call all you lovely fashion bloggers out there, if you see these on sale, or something similar around $100 please make sure to let me know :)
I found these perfect for me because they're so sincere, and polite, while still having that glamorous edge to it. The colour is so appropriate, versatile and classy. I could imagine a lady that lives in the heart of New York wearing these. It was love at first sight.
Teamed with a pair of indigo skinnies and a creamy/neutral coloured slim-fit t-shirt would go great with it for day, and for night...well it speaks for itself haha. It could go with basically anything! :)
Click here for the rest of Alice + Olivias' collection
When you click on it you'll find a white 'One shoulder godess dress' somewhere towards the bottom.
This dress particularly reminds me of Blake Lively AND her character of Gossip Girl (Serena Van Der Woodsen). This piece is so chic, so her! I'm not sure if I would pair the booties and this dress together, I would have to try them on and see, but even if I wouldn't, they both look amazing! This dress retails at $298. I would have to be going somewhere pretty special to buy this little beauty!

What do you think of these? The rest of their collection? Let me know :)
Have a lovely Monday everyone, as lovely Mondays can be :)

Nail Polish Haul! - Part One

I went shopping the other day, just with my mum to get out of the house for a bit, but for me that always means buying nail polish! On this side of the world anyway :) back home it's different, I don't know they just don't have the brands that they do over here, ones over here are so much more colourful, and way more nicer to my wallet :)
I find the nicest colours here from the least expensive brands, equals out to about $3 or $3.50 a bottle, I consider that REALLY cheap haha :) back home it's more like $20 for nice colours. Anyways, I just thought I would take a picture of all of the ones I've bought here, and pick out my fave ones :)

Right now the brand I'm paying most attention to is "New York Color", their color palette is quite extensive, such nice colours and they're all up to date with the latest trends. I was able to find a really tasteful bright orange and also a green (which I had troubles with when I was looking through other brands like L'oreal/Max Factor etc.) they last as long as other ones would, so I wasn't complaining about that, their pricings were more than reasonable (maybe not for European standards but for Australian ones anyway). To be honest I prefer to buy these less known brands over ones like L'oreal or Revlon. I don't see any difference in between them, and they have a better colour palette. I like going out clubbing, so I like the idea of sparkly/more attention seeking nail colours, and NYC can definitely give me what I want!

Another brand I particularly like (even though I haven't bought many of this summer) is Miss Sporty. A more known brand throughout Europe, a bit more expensive (by a dollar or two), and their colour palette is really great as well. They have a "disco" range out right now, where they sell a clear nail polish that actually glows in blue light. It's honestly really cool! I've tried it :P my dad has a blue light at his house, so I bought a bottle, and I got it out, as curious as I am...and HERE IT IS! My bottle of nail polish...glowing in the dark! I was so impressed :P. How cool is it?!
You can't tell, but the photo up the very top of this entry, the two nail polishes are the nicest shades of purple (left: New York Color; in Prince Street. right: New York Color; in West Village). If you get the chance make sure to check them out because they're really nice :)

 This is the full collection as at, the ones that I've bought in the past mont and a half anyway :) These colours make me smile! :) I especially love the three up the top, the orange, pink and the purple right next to the pink one. These really describe the colours I like to wear right now :) so cute! I'm also in love with glitter at the moment and I'm sure not neglecting my nails from it :) I don't like head to toe sparkles, but some here and there I think makes anyone feel like a star, especially when out clubbing!

I might end my rant here, but make sure to let me know if you need the colour and brand name of any of these nail polishes up top :) Have a lovely Sunday everyone

(I don't claim to own this picture, I just liked it because of her bright nails :)

23 June 2011

Colour hype

Today, I thought I would do something different. Instead of posting pictures of myself, I would google, and find pictures that inspire me for new outfits :) I'm seeing all these lovely bloggers out there colour blocking! I LOVE IT! I think it's so much fun and will turn that nasty rainy-boring-day mood around. You know what I'm talking about? That feeling you get when you wake up happy, look out your window and realise that, indeed it is raining! Rain is nice, when you have to spend the day at home cramming for that exam tomorrow, then I think "oh thank gosh, even the weather is working with me". Either way, my point was that such colourful outfits make me smile :) I've chosen a few pictures that I liked and have inspired me for my next shopping trip :)
When I googled "colour blocking" this was one of the first pictures that came up, and I loved it! This picture was in a post on an online magazine called "MC MAG". They also mentioned anothe bizzare choice of colour that I never thought would end up on my wishlist anytime soon. Mustard! One word, describing a pesky little colour that has wormed it's way into my heart, and onto my wishlist! I got a mustard cardie years ago from a fashionista friend of my parents, I said thank you but really I was thinking "What were you thinking? You have this amazing style, and you give me...this?" I secretly liked the cardie, still do, it's been sitting in my wardrobe for years and years, and now I can finally wear it! :)

Anyways back to my rant about how much I like colour blocking at the moment :) the picture above would describe my fave colour combinations at the moment. I found another picture, I'm not sure which runway these are from, but I definitely like the feel of the picture on the left :) it's sexy, and so vibrant, I love it!
I've noticed that accessories are a minimum with these sorts of outfits, but I think that throwing in a pair of white feather earrings wouldn't hurt anyone :) I bought a pair from H&M recently, and they look great with my hair up in a ponytail and with a bright top.

I think I'm going to end this here, but check back in and finish once I get back. My mum is hurrying me to get ready because she wants to go out, I may even post an outfit when I get back ;) who knows!
 Have a lovely Thursday everyone! xoxo

22 June 2011


I feel like my style has changed a bit since I started my chictopia blog, I'm starting to pay more attention to the fine details, accessories, and starting to use inspirations for my new outfits :) I thank all the pretty ladies posting pretty outfits on chictopia for that :) so thank you lovely ladies.

I took these photos yesterday, actually my mumma did :), wuith half a hand :P not bad efforts for that I think. It was raining half the day, well the half that we took these pictures in anyway :( so I couldn't go outside to take them, or anything!!

So my inspiration for this outfit was a picture out of the catalogue on threadscene.com at the moment :) the girl is wearing a striped pink and white maxi very similar to the one I wore two entries down, but I didn't want to wear that again. Anyways, the girl had more of a bohoish bag, which I don't have with me on this holiday, but I do have, not the exact same one BUT it would have gone with the outfit :) I think I'm going to go thrifting for a similar bag as was in the magazine, or just buy it if it's in my budget because I've seen heaps of those sorts of bags, but I didn't like it on the shelf.

You know those pieces that you'll see in store on the shelf and be like "why put that on the shelves? It looks hideous!" then you go try it on, or if it's an accessory you'll see someone else wearing it or you'll see it online and go "hey that really works". That was the bag!!! :P Sometimes it's pointless buying something like that high price online or in store because it may only work with that one outfit, so then I will go thrifting for it and buy it for such a small price that I can afford to wear it even just that once and never again.

My dad's takng pictures of me today, it's for a contest, and since he's really good with photography, I asked him to help me out :D I pictured a really fierce set of photos with a short tight high-waisted black skirt and a red top, something simple so the attention isn't drawn to the outfit. Red lipstick with winged out liquid eyeliner (so as always I'm going to youtube my makeup). I was thinking of straightening my hair, but I might curl it? I'm not too sure yet, but I'll figure it out :)

Anyways my nanna just got here, so I better cut this short and say hey. Have a lovely day everyone.

P.S. I couldn't upload the photos :( so in the meantime please visit my chictopia, I'll upload the photos when I get on my laptop later on today :) xoxo

20 June 2011

Sheer sexy

These pictures are from yesterday :) my Nana has a cute little weekend house up in the mountains, and we went there for the day, it's so nice there the weather was amazing (unlike today). Theres a tiny river, or stream whatever you want to call it that flows through the whole city and she's lucky enough to have it come through right behind her little weekend home :) so cute!! The water was so clear it was so pretty :)
I wore:
Shorts: H&M for about $10AUD (they were on sale a couple of days ago ;)
Blouse: Supré, I think these cost me $15AUD a while back like half a year ago, I don't normally shop there because I don't like their clothes, it's all overly mass produced to the point where you can't find anything you won't see on a 13 year old. All aside I really liked this blouse, it's so flowy and it was really cheap :)
Sunglasses: Christian Dior, but these ones are probably around 20-30 years old lol my step dad bought it on ebay as a vintage, it says it was made in Germany, not sure how old it would be but I love it :)
Earrings: H&M, this was part of a set of three :) this one was so pretty!! There was also one that was a turquoise (they're not feathers, just studs), a colour I'm absolutely head over heels for at the moment and a pair of simple silver ball studs :)
Under the blouse I'm wearing an minty olive green bikini top from Quicksilver. I saw so many girls on chictopia wearing a bra under sheer blouses like the one I'm wearing, and I thought I put my own little twist on it with one of my favourite bikini tops. It's really funny that I needed new bikinis and right when I said those exact words to my mum we bumped into a surf shop where just for the day everything was 50% off :) so lucky! I always have such good luck when I go shopping. I love this look, the bikini top under the sheer blouse is so sexy in my opinion :). You can't really see the bikini top in the pictures though :( which is quite upsetting, because I really wanted to show everyone that YES I was able to pull something off with my own twist! Too bad it won't happen today :(

Have a great Sunday afternoon everyone, I hope yours is just as lazy as mine has been :)

11 June 2011

I have this terrible need to look good.

Don't we all though?
Okay, this sounded really full of myself, I'm really not like that...but whenever I see something nice, I HAVE to have it...do you know that feeling? It's like the little stylish devil inside gets the best of me. The feeling when you have 3 bags on one arm, and 4 on the other and you tell yourself "NO, I won't buy this, because I don't need it!....Okay, maybe just this one more dress....I mean I won't be hurting anyone, I just won't shop again until next week, promise..." You pay for that amazing top that the little devil told you to buy, then when you're just about out the door you see another cute thing...and you HAVE to have it.

I can't count on two hands how many times that happened to me. It happened today, and three days ago, and two weeks ago, and....actually I won't count for you, because I can't remember how many times it's happened either :P.

Shopping is evil. It's like that saying..."Keep your friends close, but you enemies closer." I swear, my money is my best friend, and sales are my enemies. I wouldn't call them enemies though :( they do me so good 99% of the time.

H&M always gets the worst out of me...their clothes are so delicious. I swear, it's like they have their own little devil. We don't have h&m in Australia...that I know of? Either way, we just don't have it in Brisbane :) nope.....we don't have H&M in Brisbane...better believe it everyone :P I really wish we did. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that when I get back, the lovely queen street mall of ours will have acquired one :) For the record get home on the 19th of July, you have until then Brisbane to step up your game :)

I've been on holidays for 4 weeks counting this week. Away from my friends, my room, my amazing bed that I adore so much, and my boyfriend who I adore more. I've bought 20 bottles of nail polish (in the most amazing colours btw), 5 bags, half a wardrobe of clothes, about 6 pairs of shoes and so much makeup and presents for people....this is getting out of hand I swear :) Someone help me before I go up to the counter at the airport in Budapest and they tell me I have to pay an excess of $160 again to take my things home! Or....maybe I will just have to pack smart? :P They never weigh my carry-on bag. This year, I designated my country road duffel bag for my carry on. Her and I have gotten along well ever since I started university this year :) she has treated me well, so I treated her to a two month holiday ;)

I don't have pictures of my outfit today :( The weather was horrible...not horrible as in rainy horrible, but it was cold (for my Australian temp threshold) and it wasn't sunny...horrible gray skies. I hated it...but once again, I went shopping. What's new :P. The only thing that makes me feel a little better when I shop is that either it's for someone, or that it was on sale. If it's not on sale, and if it was expensive I feel horrible :( Maybe I'm a compulsive shopper? I can't help to want to look good though :S it's not my fault, it's society's.

I should cut this short right now :)
It's 10.54pm , and I need to sleep after all the walking I did today.
Night pretties :)

10 June 2011

Papillon Choulette Giveaway :)

This lovely girl is giving away a beautiful dress!!!
All you girls get in before the 30th of this month to be in the draw to win it :)


Copy and paste the link into your browser and you will be on your way.

Ps.: You have to be in it to win it ;)

8 June 2011

First Pretty Goodness :)

I've had blogs, journals, everything before, but I never kept up with them :S.
I figured if I started a fashion blog, I would keep up with it, and regularly check back and update as I love fashion, clothes all those pretty thing :). I already have a chictopia account, so please if you have time to spare have a look at it, add me as a friend, vote, comment, whatever you feel like :)
I'm not too sure what to write here now :) I don't want to write a whole bunch of things about myself, I guess you will just have to find that out on your own in time, if you keep checking back in.

Currently I'm in Hungary for two months, but I live in Australia :) The clothes here are so much different, they hardly have any of the same clothing stores here as they do over there, but I like it because I can splurge a little and blame it on the fact that I will never be able to see that dress again if I don't buy it now :P I've come across some really nice things, especially at H&M. My favourite right now are these white high waisted shorts with really nice detail. I'll make sure to upload a picture as well, but it's all on my chictopia blog :)

I think this may be all for today, but todays weather has been up and down, so I may or may not dress up and take pretty pictures :)

Have a lovely day everyone :) xoxo