23 June 2011

Colour hype

Today, I thought I would do something different. Instead of posting pictures of myself, I would google, and find pictures that inspire me for new outfits :) I'm seeing all these lovely bloggers out there colour blocking! I LOVE IT! I think it's so much fun and will turn that nasty rainy-boring-day mood around. You know what I'm talking about? That feeling you get when you wake up happy, look out your window and realise that, indeed it is raining! Rain is nice, when you have to spend the day at home cramming for that exam tomorrow, then I think "oh thank gosh, even the weather is working with me". Either way, my point was that such colourful outfits make me smile :) I've chosen a few pictures that I liked and have inspired me for my next shopping trip :)
When I googled "colour blocking" this was one of the first pictures that came up, and I loved it! This picture was in a post on an online magazine called "MC MAG". They also mentioned anothe bizzare choice of colour that I never thought would end up on my wishlist anytime soon. Mustard! One word, describing a pesky little colour that has wormed it's way into my heart, and onto my wishlist! I got a mustard cardie years ago from a fashionista friend of my parents, I said thank you but really I was thinking "What were you thinking? You have this amazing style, and you give me...this?" I secretly liked the cardie, still do, it's been sitting in my wardrobe for years and years, and now I can finally wear it! :)

Anyways back to my rant about how much I like colour blocking at the moment :) the picture above would describe my fave colour combinations at the moment. I found another picture, I'm not sure which runway these are from, but I definitely like the feel of the picture on the left :) it's sexy, and so vibrant, I love it!
I've noticed that accessories are a minimum with these sorts of outfits, but I think that throwing in a pair of white feather earrings wouldn't hurt anyone :) I bought a pair from H&M recently, and they look great with my hair up in a ponytail and with a bright top.

I think I'm going to end this here, but check back in and finish once I get back. My mum is hurrying me to get ready because she wants to go out, I may even post an outfit when I get back ;) who knows!
 Have a lovely Thursday everyone! xoxo


  1. Color is definitely a perfect way to fight back against the rain! I love the looks you've chosen!

    Thanks for visiting us! We hope to see you around our blog again soon :)

    sorelle in style

  2. Love that look on the bottom left. Those pants are amazing!


  3. I agree... love color blocking. (And also, yay for feather earrings!)

    I saw that you're new to IFB, so I just wanted to say welcome! You are going to love it...it is such a wonderful community of passionate fashion bloggers. Your blog is great! I hope you will drop in and say hello on mine, comment and follow if you like! I hope so :) If you ever need help with the site, don't hesitate to ask. I would love to help! Stay in touch. Talk soon!




  4. These are hot! Great color blocking post, this inspires me to put a little more color into my life! :)

  5. I wanna try color blocking too :D

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  6. Dear, I agree with you! I'm loving the color block all over the world!!!! And a pretty pair of white feather earrings wouldn't hurt anyone... really! Loved your idea!!!