27 June 2011

Bootie love! And other Alice+Olivia goodies to kick off the week

The other day I was doing a bit of research for this blog, and I thought I would do an entry about those cute little ankle boots everyones wearing (or as I like to call them, booties or boots boots). I bumped into a really cute pair, by a designer who I haven't heard of yet (but I bet the rest of their collection is just as jaw-dropping-worthy as these little beasts :)
These Alice and Olivia Lesley booties are so cute!! I fell in love, I have to have it. The only problem here is that they retail at $345 which I would never spend on a pair of shoes! I thought, I would google around and try find a cheaper pair, perhaps the same pair on sale, but I wasn't very successful :(. I was highly devastated, so I call all you lovely fashion bloggers out there, if you see these on sale, or something similar around $100 please make sure to let me know :)
I found these perfect for me because they're so sincere, and polite, while still having that glamorous edge to it. The colour is so appropriate, versatile and classy. I could imagine a lady that lives in the heart of New York wearing these. It was love at first sight.
Teamed with a pair of indigo skinnies and a creamy/neutral coloured slim-fit t-shirt would go great with it for day, and for night...well it speaks for itself haha. It could go with basically anything! :)
Click here for the rest of Alice + Olivias' collection
When you click on it you'll find a white 'One shoulder godess dress' somewhere towards the bottom.
This dress particularly reminds me of Blake Lively AND her character of Gossip Girl (Serena Van Der Woodsen). This piece is so chic, so her! I'm not sure if I would pair the booties and this dress together, I would have to try them on and see, but even if I wouldn't, they both look amazing! This dress retails at $298. I would have to be going somewhere pretty special to buy this little beauty!

What do you think of these? The rest of their collection? Let me know :)
Have a lovely Monday everyone, as lovely Mondays can be :)


  1. I loves thos booties. Well I love booties in general.
    This is the first time that I hear about Alice + Olivia.
    And I really like some pieces of the Alice + Olivia collection.

  2. The glitter shoes are truly amazing! <3 Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Usually not a fan of one shouldered dresses but this one is lovely!!

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  4. love the sparkle booties


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  5. I love yout picks! :)



  6. those are very nice shoes! wow! that's going to cost about 15,000pHp in our country! tsk. hmmm nice picks! :)

    im following you now. :) hope you could visit my blog too and follow back! :) looking forward to your posts! :)