3 July 2011

Gombold Újra!

I say Fashion Show, you say 'Oh, that's only for the celebs' then I say pfft! Keep dreaming sister, I was there and I'm no celebrity ;).

Okay, so I may not have been to this particular one, I was still in Australia at this time, but my dad was, and that's close enough. My dad is a part time photographer, part time business man. He took the following lovely shots (unless stated otherwise). These shots were taken at a fashion show called 'Gombold Újra', you can take google translates words for it, or mine (mine's better ;) ) , but this simply means 'Button it up again" not some fancy name, but the photos you're about to see are seriously nice. The clothes were designed AND sewn by young aspiring Hungarian designers. Seriously amazing what these people have done :) I admire peolpe who can sew amazingly, because it really takes some time to learn the tricks of the trade. If anyone has ever tried sewing their own clothes from scratch without help, they are nodding right now knowing what I'm blabbering on about over here.

Anyways, these clothes are amazing!! The theme was to take traditional Hungarian clothing, and to make their own, that would have the same feel. I've picked out a few of my faves (okay maybe a bit more than a few, but it was really hard to resist, it's like shoes you just can't pick!) and put them up here, you tell me what you think! If there are any outfits in particular that has caught your eye, or you want to know more about the lovely designer, let me know, I'm sure my dad can let me know who is behind it :)
This one really stood the closest to traditional Hungarian clothing in my opinion. All this would be missing is a little less orange and more green. I liked this one because it looked traditional, yet it had a modern edge to it. In my opinion, trends haven't changed too much, it's been a huge cycle. Floral! It's there, and it was there a hundred years ago as well, plus, it was all handmade.
 These two dresses made me go gaga over them! The colours look so great, the dresses are modern but they look traditional in a few ways. The designer really nailed these two in my opinion. The red stockings are amazing with these dresses. I don't think I would wear these out anywhere, they would need to be toned down a bit of course, but the styling of it looks amazing.

 I'm not sure how this has oh so much to do with any sort of traditions, but I know that it looks really great. Perhaps the flower pattern on the front one? I'm amazed at the simplicity of these three designs, yet the amount of style that there is between them (it's a lot I can tell you that). Odd combination of colours, I don't prefer to team two brights with one dark, but it's seemed to work.
 Oh my, how this hit close to my heart! Everything about this looks trendy and so right now, but I guess that's what designers are for :P. This little piece I could imagine wearing to the beach, I love the hair for the model in the middle. So simple and cute.

 PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! Soo this season, and the past few for that matter. I love those tights, don't we all though? Please, object if you don't think the tights look cool. I don't think I would wear it, but it looks great on the model and with that ensamble. The teeny tiny print dress is just adorable, I would definitely wear that, same with the tops towards the back. I want to know where to buy these pieces. Showing them on the catwalk is just plain mean teasing!!
 Ruffles nomnomnom! Who wouldn't agree. She actually looks a bit like a cake, I would want it a bit toned down if i was to wear it, but it looks really nice, the main concept of it I love.
 My jaw dropped with i saw the outfit at the front! Didn't yours? The skirt, the sheer blouse omg! This was styled amazingly, the strapless sweetheart neckline top looks amazing under the sheer blouse.
 The floral prints, are a hit every season I would say. I don't know one season in the past couple of years where I've been told NOT to wear floral because if I do then I might as well walk down the runway of shame.

 SHOES! Need I say more? :) Girls love shoes, especially when it's being carried by lovely shoeless models ehehe
 Red+black! Reminds me of kids movies when I was little, if they had a devil in it, it looked like these girls! Okay, maybe not like these girls...but the colours anyway. If I had to style some modern musical that had a devil in it, I would choose these chic outfits.
 So chic, so traditional. Maybe not the colours, but the designs are terrific. It's amazing how a particular country's traditional clothing can be modernized in such a trendy way. Btw, those little boots boots? I want!

All these outfits are so amazing! I loved them, all the designers are just so talented, and I'm sure they will make it a long long way. To design these clothes is one thing, but to make them, oh my that would be insane :)

Have a lovely lazy Sunday, signing off at 1.47am..I'm a trooper :)

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  1. I've never heard of this designer, but I love how they have a variety of looks! That is incredibly cool that you were able to go to a fashion show, and a cool one at that! Thanks for sharing!