12 July 2011

Blake Lively, and her amazing hair!

Have you ever noticed that Blake Lively always looks flawless? Her style is to die for, and her hair is always sexy. Right now, everyone is talking about her beautiful look at the BAFTA's :), so pretty! What made me notice it more is her hair. I'm always jealous of her hair styles in gossip girl, and have numerously copied many of them (with a lot of compliments might I add).
I think part of the reason this look caught my eye is because I'm a big fan of plaits and braids. They make an up-do look so romantic and girly :) I will definitely try this one out, if I do I'll post it :)

I'm not sure, but I really hope she's wearing underwear :) No one wants to pull a Britney at any red carpet event. Her dress has the most amazing details on it and the colour is so elegant, reminds me of a modern wedding dress. Her gossip girl outfits, even though those would be styled by a professional, are so great I tend to recreate them as well :P
Her earrings are so big! I can only imagine the pain that would come with this piece :)
I best be off, the weather is amazing today so I think I'm going to lay outside for some sun :) make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen if you're planning to go outside this summer :)

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :)
<3 xeni


  1. You know how Alexander McQueen is known for styling Lady Gaga? Well I think the person who styles Blake Lively's hair should be famous too. Her hair is always so intricate and beautiful!

  2. Blake Lively look gorgeous!!! Thanks for following, i'm following back!:)

  3. Blake Lively always look fabulous <3

  4. Your blog is great! Blake is looking gorgeous as always and this dress is just perfect!

  5. That look is gorgeous! I almost didn't notice the earings because I was too busy looking at her dress!


  6. oh my gosh, she is looking like a goddess. Adorable woman, No, surprise that Leo Decaprio felt in love with her.

    xoxo Anna