8 September 2011

My NYX wishlist

I have been MIA for a while now, I realise that :p. But I'm back :), I realised a week ago that I need to start doing things again that make me happy. I stopped doing many things I liked because my relationship started going downhill I couldn't concentrate on many things, and then we broke up, then you have that stage when you just don't want to do anything at all! Oh it was terrible, and I'm sure all you girls know what I mean. I mean, honestly, put your hands up if you've ever felt like this after a breakup. It's the worst feeling, but I knew it would wear off very soon, and it did and now I'm back and all shopped out! So here come the new outfit posts, clothing hauls, my rants about my love for designers and something new I thought I would try make-up tutorials! My best friend said I should start making YouTube videos, because she says I'm really good at doing my make-up and I thought I might as well :) I have nothing to lose. So I'll post them on here as well and you can tell me what you think.

I always hear girls rant on about the make-up brand NYX whether it be a lip stick, blush or eyeshadow pigment. I thought I would go on the hunt to see how much these little babies cost, and believe it or not it's as cheap as the amount of times I heard people rant on about it. I bought lip sticks for $7, lip pencils for $4 and eyeshadows for $6. So cheap! And they work so much better than drugstore brands. I don't want to hate on any brands but I'm not the biggest fan of ones like Revlon or Maybelline. They're overpriced in Australia for the quality they bring.

I posted a few things I got on my facebook, but the photos aren't the best quality so I don't want to put them on here :) I think I'll start with the eyes! That's the second thing I always do after the base.
 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in "I Dream of Barbados"
First off, my fave selection of eyeshadows right now in one palette! The picture doesn't give justice to the amazing colours I can assure you. I'm usually afraid of pink pigments on my eyes, because they can easily make you look like you have some sort of icky eye infection, but this one is so lovely and professional that I fell in love straight away. These colours are so lovely! I was able to go out partying saturday night using four of these colours alone :) so lovely and they stayed on the whole night. The name of the palette is also so cute! Whenever I tell someone or see the packaging it makes me smile :) I want to buy a few other ones from this palette selection as well because they're just so nice. In the US it's only $8.75 for a palette meanwhile it's $16.99 here :( but these are still much cheaper than many other quality brands.
 Glitter Cream Palette in "Ice Queen"
I would just like to say, do not put these on top of powder eyeshadows girls! I made that mistake on saturday night, not being sure of how creamy they would be and they were pretty solid, so I had to redo my right eye on saturday night :( But these do look really really nice on, just not with powder eyeshadow as you can't blend them properly so it just looks silly. This only cost me $9.95, so again they're quite inexpensive for the quality they bring.

I also bought a black eyeliner, which I also love :) it's just a simple black eye pencil. It's quite creamy, but not creamy enough to smudge so I would definitely recommend it :)

And now, ta daaaaa onto the lips!
 Lip Smacking Fun Color in "617 - Summer Love"
I opened this at the shops, right after I bought it to try it out, and I accidentally broke it. It was so embarrassing because I didn't realise until after I went to put it away. It is the creamiest lip stick I have ever come across. So good! And it's really good on winter days when your lips are looking for some moisture. Opt for this lip stick if you want something creamy and soft :) The colour is also lovely, I have been looking for the perfect nude for a year and I have found it.
 Jumbo Lip Pencil in "712 - Plush Red"
Yummy colour! But also full of colour, so girls please be careful when putting on and make sure not to do it in the car haha speaking from experience it's really hard to get it off.
 Jumbo Lip Pencil in "704 - Hot Red"
Also such a nice colour, it reminds me of Dita Von Teese, she always has beautiful pin up makeup with the nicest shade of red lip stick. I actuall lost my original one I bought a few days after buying it but I replaced it! That's how much I love it :)
Lip Smacking Fun Color in "592 - Baby Pink"
Also the same amount of creaminess as the top one, and it's such a nice colour. More shimmery than it is in the picture, and it's not too noticeable when on but it's really nice when you have dramatic eyes.

Don't these colours just make you want to jump out of your chair and run to buy them? :D I don't often like a make-up brand too much, they never really get my attention, but NYX has lovely colours and is good quality! :)

Hope I encouraged some of you to buy something from their range ;)

Have a lovely day everyone :)
<3 xeni

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