15 November 2011

Lookbook.nu account :)

I know I hardly write anymore, and I'm sorry! I have so much going on at uni and in my social life that I just don't seem to find time for myself anymore. I'm not sure what it was that made me think , "oh let's blog today" but then I had an urge to make a lookbook...so I did ;).

So guys, this is what I wore today! The top collage is what I uploaded to lookbook, the bottom two are so serious haha I swear I look like a horse in the one on the left :P. I wore this today to uni and to take my resume into a place called Dissh near my uni, wish me luck :D I really need a new job! No money means no new clothes or anything :( so upsetting because I could really use a whole heap of new bags and accessories...possibly a few new pairs of shoes?...Maybe?
My bracelet was a gift...a hand-made gift too :D from a really good friend back in Europe, I've had it for ages now and I love it she glued a crotchet ribbon on it and it looks great, I also have a pink beaded bracelet on..I'm not sure what stones they are but my dad got them for me, I have so many of them I have a jade one as well which is a beautiful green colour that I plan on wearing a lot this summer. I'll ask my dad what sort of stone this is, because I know they're remedial :). The sheer cape I'm wearing is one of my fave pieces at the moment! It's so lovely, falls so great and gives off this pj vibe :P like I just got out of bed and decided to go somewhere in my pjs. It's most girls dream to be able to go out in comfy pjs and be called stylish, and the least bit insane. I have another one as well which is a little shorter, in a sheer fabric with red flowers on it, you're bound to see it sometime soon. 
My bag , I got it from forever new, it wasn't in the picture on lookbook but it cost me $60 :) so pretty! It's perfect for uni because I can fit my iPad in it, wallet, water, phone and still have room left. I wore a pair of white sandals I got from Europe :)
If anyone out there is thinking, "gee I've seen that top on a 14 year old the other day I swear..." then you probably may have, because indeed it is from SUPRÉ. You can't deny that when you're on a strict budget, their basics are heaven sent! Their other clothes have improved heaps over the last four years I didn't even want to set foot in their store. They have some really nice things now, nothing flashy that you would go "whoa that's so different I haven't seen that anywhere else" but ones that you would team with more busy pieces. For pieces I could melt in the sight of I go to Forever New, Bardöt, Sportsgirl (if I want something more hippy or indie) etc. My fave is Forever New though, they have my style all over the place in that store...although my bank account fears for it's life when one is in sight haha. Boxing day is coming up though girlies ;) so I'm going to get a job asap so I can hurry up and save up for it already! I just posted a status on facebook telling everyone not to buy me any presents, instead give me money :P ehehe. I'm one to buy meaningful presents and I appreciate them a lot, but I haven't saved up much this year so I'm going to need all the help I can get :(.

I think that's all for tonight my pretties, maybe even a little too much!
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :)

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