14 March 2012

Back...for good this time

The other day someone very smart said to me "you make time for what you want to make time for", and to be honest I've been making up excuses as to why I don't just sit down here and make a post already! I have so much to talk about, so much to tell the world. I have tried other, what I thought easier means of getting my thoughts out there about the topic I love the most...fashion of course :), but they just didn't work out. I thought about YouTubing, I got so inspired by some people on there that I wanted to do the same but my little digital camera is just not up for it :P. Either way, I liked writing, editing was just too much for me it was so complex amd I had no idea how to do it. I wrote this all in a flat half a minute, so you can just tell how much I needed to write.
Anyways, back to my big news! It wasn't so much big news as much as me being excited on working on new projects. I have a friend, a lovely friend, who happens to be an aspiring photographer and she asked me to style one of her photo shoots and of course I accepted the offer (I would've been silly not to). I had to use my wardrobe, but that wasn't too bad, it made me realise how many times I haven't worn some of the items hiding in there. I dressed both girls head to toe in my clothes, it was pretty fun but I didn't imagine that an amateur styled shoot would take this much effort to plan.

Now...for the pictures ;)
 My inspiration for this outfit was a  weekend road trip somewhere beachy. Byron Bay? If you're not from Australia and you don't know where that is, make sure you google it because it's worth a look :) and a visit! I love the necklace I teamed with the dress, I've had the dress way before I got the necklace and whenever I wore it, it felt a little empty as if it needed something extra, and I found it! Finally :) The bag I got while I was in Europe thinking I would wear it heaps, but I never get the chance to, I've probably only worn it about twice in the last 8 months. It's a lovely bag, but it never fits my uni stuff into it :(
The wedges I paired with this outfit I was completely in love with the second I saw them, firstly because it was just perfect nothing over the top but nothing too plain either (if you saw the back of it you would know what I mean), and secondly because they only cost me $17.50 :O and I'm always up for a bargain when I'm strapped for cash. The bracelet you see on the model was handmade for me by a lovely friend back in Europe :) I love it, and I've paired it with so many of my outfits, it's a simple wooden bangle wrapped in a thick white crotchet ribbon.

 Our second model had a completely different vibe to her, she was a little more delicate a little more shy, therefore I decided to put her into more romantic and vintage clothes. I love this outfit! I got the top from my best friend for my birthday, and I wore it out that night to dinner with a pretty high waisted skirt :) you can't see properly but it has a lovely pearl detailing at the top. These shorts are also from the same shop (forever new, my weakness!) and the 'belt' was originally bought as a necklace about a year ago now :P, I put the same shoes on her as I did with the previous outfit, how clever?! :) Our hair stylist never showed up to the shoot, without any notice and we couldn't even reach her mobile so I had to make do with what we had. By that meaning, we had no combs or bobby pins, and we didn't think we had any hair ties. So, with my trusty YouTube knowledge I did a side braid which actually started from the other side of her head all the way down :) I wear this hairstyle heaps actually, it's my go to when I woke up way too late or I just want to give my hair a break from any heat styling. The pearls I paired with this outfit were a birthday present I got from my mum this year, aren't they sweet? I already had a pearl necklace, but a girl can never have enough pearls...or gold, or diamonds for that matter ;)

This outfit was shot last, and we really rushed the photos because our model had to go to work :( she already had to be late because of this. As much as we rushed it they turned out really well! I love this outfit, I wasn't sure if I was pushing it with the necklace, but afterall the look I was going for was really blingy and out there. Colour-blocking was a huge trend this season, and I wanted to elaborate on that. I always see girls colour-blocking but they always have the most minimal jewellery on it. I wouldn't wear the necklace out with the clothes but in the shots they looked really well :), the top...okay so let me just explain that we had some problems with this top. It's a size 6, as it's mine..and the model is a size 10! Lucky I took safety pins with me, so the model (and my top) lived on after this shoot.

I had so much fun with this photo shoot, and I think I get to style another one next weekend. We haven't figured out any models yet, but we have a few girls and boys in mind :). I have a fair few new pieces to my wardrobe since then, as winter has let us know that it's back and here to stay for a little while :(. My time spent on eBay have gone up (I haven't realised how many good deals there are on there until now), and the temperature has decreased. I love summer! I hope I'll somewhat enjoy this weather with my new forever new coat though ;)

I better wrap it up :) I'm at uni, I just really badly wanted to finish this entry as it has been sitting in my drafts for a week now.

xoxo <3 have a lovely day :)

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