23 March 2012

Sequins, glitter and all things pretty

I must admit that I am obsessed with glitter, sequins, shiny things right now! I was browsing through eBay tonight, and I bumped into this amazing gold sequin top, which in my opinion was so over priced considering that it was going to be shipped over from a factory in China and was going to cost me $50 with postage.
Then I had an amazingly DIY idea, why not make my own? I could probably buy a simple top similar to that one, and just sew the sequins on. I hardly have any time right now because my finals for subjects at uni are coming up :( but what do they always say?
"You only make time for what you want to make time for."
Therefore even if I don't get to work on it too much I'll try finish it over the next month :) I figured if I posted an entry about it I'm bound to commit to it and get cracking on it! I just need inspiration I think :) so I've gathered a few photos, including the actual top I was going to buy ;) but to avoid any discrimination I won't tell you guys which one it is :)
Most of these, I just Google-d so they're completely random and just ones I saw and loved so I saved pictures. Number 1 caught my eye first, it's casual...but not too casual. Does that make sense? I could wear it to uni during the day, or even out to dinner...or if I was to dress it up a little more I could even wear it out clubbing. Looks like a dress with a lot of potential! But since we're girls, we hardly ever use our clothes to their full potential.
Three is just simply amazing, I fell in love the second I saw it. I want it, better yet, I need it!
What I'm planning on DIY-ing is very similar to number 5 that's why I saved that one :)
How interesting is 6? It would be a toughy to wear, but I still like it. It's an interesting piece, something you would see on the rack and think "hmm, yes or no?" but then you try it on and you like it.
Number seveeeen! It's so original, I bet it was a vintage piece :) can't get stuff like that unless you pay some ridiculous price for it, either way it's beautiful and individual. I love cardies, but this goes beyond any cardie I've ever owned. Simply beautiful! It could transform an average outfit into a head-turning-jaw-dropping phenomenon.

Sequins.. glitter.. sequins.. glitter! I love it :D I see so much on tumblr as well. I've been obsessed with all things glittery and shiny for a while now, but I think my tumblr addiction has added another lot of obsession onto that (along with my hello kitty obsession, oh gosh).

I'm going to end this post with this pretty little outfit. It's a little out there , I know! But for the sake of this shoot, whatever it was for, I think it goes really well. I'm in love with both pieces of clothing. I would love to find out where they were from, unfortunately I didn't think of that last night when I was searching for these pictures :(.

Hoping you all have a splendid Friday :) xoxo

PS, I have my BellaBox coming in the mail this week coming (jumping up and down on the inside right now hehe), if you have absolutely no clue what I'm yapping on about please proceed to opening a new tab and google it :P. They have something similar in America as well (except they get full sized products and not samples), and I'm quite excited. I shall post about it when it arrives! Ciao for now :)


  1. Love, love, love sequin tops! Number 3 is my favorite!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Thanks heaps Emily :D number 3 was my fave too! The second I saw it I pictured it with so many things from my wardrobe :P xo

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