19 March 2012

Little black dress went for a night out...

Does anyone else have an excessive need to shop? If I see those special four letters next to each other       "S - A - L - E"...yep those letters, my face lights up, my heart starts beating faster and I automatically have this massive smile on my face like I just won a brand new Ferrari. I'll even admit it that I got a little excited now, and I have a cheeky little grin on my face just at the thought of it :).
I was browsing through Facebook last Tuesday morning, and I happened to see a post by a Melbourne store called Venus & Mars who sell amazing clothes. They had a small quiz posted and I thought I might check it out.  
It was a picture of Rooney Mara at a Film event in a dark green Louis Vuitton dress (I have the exact picture but for some reason I can't find it on my lap top), and I remember seeing that exact picture the day before on-line somewhere. I guessed right and I received a discount code I could use on their online store, I didn't have much to spend last week, so I went into the sale section (yes here we go once again with the sales hehe), and I found a lovely "Bebe Sydney" (make sure you don't get it mixed up with the American brand Bebe, the brand they often sell in Europe as well) dress that I thought might be nice as I was going to go out on Thursday night anyway and I wasn't sure what I was going to wear. The dress was already down from $130 to $65, and my code got me an extra 10% off, and if you ask me, a $71.50 discount on a dress is quite impressive (especially when it's so pretty).
  Excuse the terrible quality of the photo (I had to resize them), and my boring boring face in these :), there were hundreds of other girls in the club and I didn't want them to look at me weird for having photos taken of me haha. The dress is so pretty! It's nothing flashy, it's more timeless and classy. It also has a cut-out back which I didn't get a photo of. The hemline of it is quite flattering considering black lace dresses always fall so heavy on me. It has a layer of a mesh material under it so cover up of course, but that's a little shorter than the lace, it looks a lot more flattering like this than dresses that end both fabrics the same length. I teamed it with a pair of silver glittery high heels.

I was so suprised that my dress arrived in the mail the next day, I don't normally order things online so I thought that express postage meant two-three days (might I mention free express postage Australia wide, yippee). They must have sent the dress the same day :), how lovely of them! I ordered the dress around 1pm, so it wasn't in the morning either, I was so happy! I messaged them on Facebook to let them know I was doing this post as soon as I got to wear my dress out and I have a few pictures, and they were so positive about it and very lovely :). I hope to shop at Venus and Mars again soon! There are so many things that I would love to buy but I don't have a job at the moment :(, although I hope I helped all you out a little today.
I highly recommend them as I was treated so nicely during my shopping and I guarantee that you won't regret your purchases :), which I can't say often for many stores both online and in store. I just had a look and they also sell mens clothes, which means if your boyfriend isn't the most stylish guy on the block you can always help him out a little ;) just blame it on me recommending the store.

I made a list of their Facebook, online store etc, so you can have a look at their collection :)

This was a little different than what I usually would post about, but I hope you all enjoyed it :) I sure did, I love the dress and I love Venus and Mars! Please check their store and facebook out :) it's definitely worth your time.

Have a lovely day :) xoxo

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