14 March 2012

Versace Resort 2012

Donatella, I bow in front of you. 
I can say that more than 3/4 of this collection says "ME". These pieces are so chic! Don't you agree? Especially the white mini dresses with the colourful patterns of them, they're so colourful, summery, but they look clean! I love going out in a white, it looks amazing and I feel so clean and fresh. I fell in love with this collection the second I saw the first piece :) I sure didn't need convincing. This collection is like ice cream on a hot day with whipped cream and two cocktail cherries on top (because one is never enough). Words cannot describe how yummy it is :)

My most favourite one is.........
Ta-daaa! This little beauty was head to head against the other white dress, that has the green, blue, black, and mustard pattern from halfway down. This was my fave because it's just so chic, summery (I love love love summer, but who doesn't?!) and the cut of it is so individual. When I saw this one, I felt like a little girl, let out a little squeal and went back to my first reaction, the dropping of my jaw. The belt and shoes break the dress up a bit in my opinion (in a good way of course). The belt was necessary I think, simply to emphasize her waist just the right amount. Designers are really cheeky...did you see the shoes she's wearing? I don't think I would go into my wardrobe and team those shoes with that dress, it looks really good but I just wouldn't think to pair it.
Jewelery is minimal, which in my opinion looks great for this shoot but I may have put a gold bangle on the model but left the neck area without any jewellery.

I love dresses that make my hips and waist look curvy and feminine! So naturally, this made my jaw drop. I can sort of see a fashion emerging from this dress, if you've seen body suits and leggings by Black Milk they have the skeleton patterns on it. I'm not sure if this is what Donatella was going for, but to me it feels like it. There is no other dress a woman can feel sexy in other than a body hugging sweetheart neckline strapless dress. That's just my opinion though. This piece would definitely be a showstopper anyone, just as must as the rest of the collection (and if I saw correctly, the black parts have sparkles on them and omg I love sparkly garments right now).

These were my two faves of the collection but I could go on and on and on.....
Those pants look like they were drawn into the picture! So amazing, I love these. The interesting neckline just works so well with it, there is definitely nothing ordinary about this dress. I wish I could just try one of these pieces on :(, I'll probably never get to though.

I hope I inspired some of you to open a new tab, go on Google and search some more of the collection because it truly is amazing. Have a lovely day ladies :) xoxo

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