5 April 2012

Wasting time, like I have so much of it to throw around

I haven't checked in for a while :( There is a legitimate reason this time, I swear. I'm studying like a maniac for my final exams for this semester :(, and it's exam time again *sigh*. I have absolutely no idea where the rest of this semester went to! I swear someone just came along and stole weeks 5 to 8 because I do not have much recollection of  them happening hehe.
To top it all off, my studying is being interrupted by a lovely Easter trip to Sydney with my even lovelier boyfriend (although I'm not complaining, I can't wait). The only thing I hate is the packing, because the thing is that I'm only allowed on-board luggage, and that does not leave much room for things!
Anyway, here's my OOTD :) I hope you all likey!

This will definitely be a rushed post by the way! Unless I get to save it and finish it when I get to my boyfees' house , as I think I'm going to pack my things into a different bag. My post is on LookBook where you can find the brand names (and pleeeease hype me! I would love to be hyped). Here's the link:

I always hassled my mum to take my pictures, but hassling no more! I finally found a remote for my camera, and for only $10.65 :O including postage, I was so thrilled when I saw it as I've been wanting one of them for years but I always thought it was called a clicker not a remote hence me not being able to find it on eBay.

I haven't worn these shorts for quite a while I must admit, I got it from H&M while I was in Hungary last year and it was extremely cheap. So comfy and pretty, although when I bought it, it fit a little less than it does now. Which means I have lost a little weight since then :( actually I'm almost 100% sure I have, which I didn't care for, I liked my 56kg, it looked healthier than what I look like now that's for sure!

I bought my top from eBay, for very very cheap. Big yay to me! :) I didn't realise what it actually had on the top until it arrived, but it has a wolfs' skull on it, but the eyes of the wolf are so capturing...it's so amazing I fell in love straight away.

The reason I have my sunnies on inside (crazy, right??) is because I don't have any makeup on and that does not look good on camera haha. I'm fine with not wearing makeup when I go somewhere, just not on camera in pictures I put online, oh so not pretty.

I also styled a photo shoot on Sunday, which I'm quite psyched about because the photos turned out lovely! I shall upload them in my next post, I didn't think to do it today :(. Now I'm off to pack up in the little bag that I'm allowed to pack into :) But I hope you all have a lovely Thursday xoxo

Xeni <3

PS. I am completely over the state of my hair, so someone please tell me ideas as I am lost! It's as long as it has been since I was ten years old but I'm just so bored with it :( someone let me know what to do! Lost for ideas and inspiration

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