31 May 2012

Big and Bright, how you can incorporate runway into your day!

This time last year, what we were seeing all over the runways were colours of top of colours! Colour-blocking took over the runways, and before we knew it our wardrobes too. I personally love it and I still cannot get enough of it. The more the better, and the crazier the better I sleep at night.
What are we seeing this year you ask? Oh...colours on top of colours, on eyes, lips and cheeks! And guess what? I'm in double love as I always like to mix it up a little with makeup, as well as my clothes. I'm not a big fan of winter (and right now it's as cold as it gets here in Brisbane), and as thrilled as I am to be seeing these makeup trends I'm not sure if I would be daring enough to wear these colours on my eyes. I may try though? Just start wearing it around the house, and get used to it.

(Philip Lim: fall 2012 RTW; picture source: style.com)
I usually get looked at for the trends I wear out and about, they're never too extreme that people should wear. I just like to think of it as 'people aren't ready for this yet'. For example, when I arrived back from Hungary last July, people looked at me like I was a lunatic for colour blocking, and boo them because now they're the ones wearing it!
End of my rant, let's get back to business. I would opt to wear this with freshly sugar scrubbed lips and no lip stick, just lip balm as this look is pretty OTT.

What's next? LIPS! I've been rocking bright lips for quite a while now, and I love them. I mostly use NYX lip sticks, as they have worked really well for me up to this point. They have perfect pigmentation and a really great moisturising effect.

If you're ready to be noticed, this look is definitely for you! I love wearing bright lip stick, partially because it allows me to spend less time on my eye make-up, and because it's effortless glamour. When done right, this trend looks amazing. Done with a flawless base on the face, a little contouring with bronzer and concealer (if you're not sure how this is done, there are some amazing videos on YouTube that show you step-by-step), tiny bit of eye liner on the top water line, a light matte brown eye shadow to accentuate the cut crease and mascara (it takes longer to read this sentence than to do the look hehe)

My fave look to wear with bright lip stick is the 60's cat eye liner, and flawless base. It's so easy, and you can incorporate it into your every day looks. It may sound a little OTT with the bright lips, but trust me that it looks amazing during the day too.

Last but not least....the winning hair! I literally just stumbled upon this look about two minutes ago and thought I would add this too since it caught my eye.

This hair was worn with vampy deep red lips, with that "just bitten" effect. It looks amazing. I love it! If you're loving this as much as I am, but you're not ready for it just yet, you can buy metal pony tail holders on ebay for about $7. I have one and they look great when on!
I just spent the last fifteen minutes trying to Google what exact runway those metal pony tail holders were from, but I was quite unsuccessful. I have a gold one though, and it looks superb! :

As difficult as this second hair would be, I'm in love and will practice until I succeed! Valentino really outdid themselves in this one. I'm a huge Valentino fan as is, but this really set me over the edge from love to in love. Why so amazing Valentino?

PS. yes this was extremely difficult! Do not try this at home unless you have at least half an hour to sit around and figure out which way the braids go, as I had to sit for about that long and couldn't even get it right :(

I could go on for years about what looks I'm loving right now but I really should stop as I have been sitting in front of my computer for a few hours now.
Ciao for now, have a lovely day :)

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