4 June 2012

My undying love for Lauren Conrads Style

I honestly think Lauren Conrad is underrated, and even bashed on by online critics unnecessarily. She's so pretty, with great style (without showing too much skin) and she's never one of those celebs that get locked up for drink driving or anything. I loved her in Laguna Beach and The Hills, Whitney leaving that show was one thing, but when Lauren left I stopped watching it altogether. Lauren has always been a style inspiration to me, as she has such a romantic, girly style.
When I heard she is designing clothes I got butterflies because I was so excited to see what she has to share with the world! I haven't bumped into an online store that sells her clothes and sends them to Australia yet though. I just bumped into a Teen Vogue link to a Summer 2012 collection by her for Kohl's. I haven't heard of this brand yet (I'm guessing it's not the cosmetics brand she's doing a line for anyway hehe), but I like what I see so far. Especially because this line was done by LC. There are a lot of pastels in these clothes, and I love love love! She models them too, and she has such a lovely smile how can you not love the clothes?!
 The whole photoshoot has an 'afternoon tea party' feel to it. It's so sweet, and girly.
I'm especially loving the mint trousers, they're such a lovely fit and also a really trendy colour this season. The floral shorts in picture 4 also caught my eye, it's such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe, you can dress it down or up.
I wasn't sure whether the blue dress in picture 3 was something I would wear, but then I thought about it and it's definitely on my wish list! If you read ahead, I also found the link as to where you can purchase any of these pieces for (hint hint: they're on sale right now, yay). I just hope they post to Australia, my biggest barrier when online shopping is that the good places never post to where I live.
 This maxi dress made my jaw drop! I love the fishtail detail and it's just so pretty altogether. Lauren has such great style, it's really great that we are now able to get a piece of her style in our wardrobes!
I'm not a really big fan of the jewellery, it all looks a little 'beachy' to me, with the beads and the type of flowers but who knows they might grow on me as well.
The heels are quite nice, but  they're nothing overly original, still something I would wear though.
I love the whole feel of picture 9, it's so sweet, they really nailed it with the hair as it gives it that whole 'LC' feel to it. The rest of the clothes were so sweet, romantic, and there are versatile pieces that you could either dress down or up.
If you're wondering where you can get a piece of Lauren Conrads' style into your wardrobe here's the link:
Shop 'LC' by Lauren Conrad
They're quite affordable, compared to prices here, but it all depends where you live. I just checked and they don't ship to international addresses, only to the U.S., which is so depressing as no good stores ship here or if they do their shipping costs something ridiculous like $70-$150.

I hope you like Laurens' line just as much as I do, and make sure to let me know if you purchased anything, I would love to see these pieces on. You can post pictures to All-the-Pretty-Goodness FB page , I set it up a few days ago so it's quite new but nevertheless make sure to like away, and send to your girl friends to like too!
Have a splendid day :)

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  1. I was never into The Hills or LC. But these clothes are adorable!! Very cute! I'm definitely checking into them!! :)