12 June 2012

Realising that you need a new digital camera!

I've been sitting over this one particular post I wanted to do. It's a hair special, can't tell you what though until I actually post it. Before I even think about posting it , I have to make a video, but for that to look normal I have to take a video with a camera that doesn't skip bits, or fuzzy them up. Aah, the first world problems of fashion bloggers!
I think my iPad can take decent videos? If so then a video shall be up tomorrow! Yay, I can't wait, it'll my first ever video.
What the point of this post was to let you know that I haven't forgotten, or gotten lazy to write anything! I just have something really cool in my head, that I want to do and I just can't think of anything that great to write about meanwhile :)

xoxo Xeni

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