5 June 2012

Flowers 'Blossom', even in Winter

I always venture on Facebook to find new and exciting stores to be inspired by, to shop from, or to just recommend to friends. In saying this, a couple of months ago I bumped into a little FB store called 'Blossom' ran by a lovely university student. She hand makes amazing vintage look head bands, but I would rather call them hair pieces as they are so delicate and beautiful.

You know when you see a piece of clothing or accessory, and you can tell that they were made with love? Well whenever I see a piece made by her I can tell she really puts effort and love into every bit of it! I hope she doesn't get upset at me for posting her pictures (and I hope it's legally allowed, eep).

The floral head piece trend has been around for a while, yes, but I think her pieces are just so different and one of a kind. I love stores like Blossom, as they're small and inventive. It's always stores like this that make me take that second glance at them and buy things. Although I haven't bought anything from her yet (due to my lack of job, I am confident that she makes quality products by the customer feedbacks she receives. For international readers I'm not entirely sure if she posts world-wide, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
I was just going to post a bunch of pictures of pieces that she's posted on Facebook but they really don't do justice of how great they really look until you see it on someone.

I haven't written a post like this before, although I think I'm going to from now on. It's important for these
small home based, hand made stores to receive good advertisement as these are the ones that keep our (Australian) economy running and they're honestly so much more inventive, one of a kind and different than chain stores. It's difficult for a small store to stay in business for a long time, as large chain stores usually have more advertisement. They give your outfit more character, and people will no doubt stop you to ask where you got that interesting piece you have on from. These stores also inspire me to be more creative, to keep on sewing.

If you would like to find Blossom on Facebook just click here and a window will open up with all her goodies! Make sure to like like like :), also here is her Big Cartel Store, where you can also buy pieces from. She also sells at the Young Designer Markets in Southbank Brisbane on Saturday mornings, so if you can get there make sure you check these pieces out in person.

That's all for today, ciao for now :) <3

Ps. I was not in any way asked to or endorsed to write about Blossom, I did it just because I genuinely love her designs :)

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