14 August 2012

Are Celebs sending us broke?

At this moment there are literally almost a dozen glossies just covering my bed, nope just don't ask. One of them had an article whos' title read "Are celebs sending us broke?"...well are they? If you were to look at my wardrobe, it would be a yes and no. Why? Because if I see a killer pair of heels on one of the Kardashian sisters, I won't go out and buy it...again, why? Simply because I've already spent my money on other things I do not need which may or may have or may not have been inspired by designer wear...oops.
It's hard not to get lost in a classic Rachel Zoe "I die" moment with my  job  though, working with costume jewellery can be a little hard on your part time job bank account at times unfortunately, nevertheless I love my job.
More importantly getting back to the original reason of this post, I think most of us are being sent broke because of them. Yes, there are those fashionistas who prefer to go another way, and dress in very unique pieces but at the end of the day we are all celeb wardrobe victims. Don't even try denying that you have never watched tv, read Vogue or seen a videoclip where you went "oh gosh, that bag looks amazing...let's pause to see which designer it's from, ah right Versace". It's true, I probably do this on weekly if not daily basis.
The truth is that it's hard not to get your heart racing over something amazing you just saw on a celebrity when it just looks so damn good on them. If we're pointing fingers and famous people, we may as well point them at famous designers as well. The latest craze right now are Michael Kors watches, which may be simplistic they are still fabulous at the same time. I personally am really inspired by designers, to the extent where I have a Herm├ęs look-alike from Miss Shop. This $20 bargain has served me well the last couple of months though I must say that.
I honestly think that bloggers and designers inspire my wardrobe picks more than any celebrities out there. I don't follow their everyday life that's all, whereas I read blogs and see all these photos on my newsfeed about various designers. I don't know about anyone else though...

I've been so inspired to do a whole bunch of OOTD's but I can just never get myself around to doing them! Charging my camera at the moment so by the morning it should be charged, hopefully tomorrow I won't be so lazy as i have been in the past :(

Toodles xo

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