27 June 2011

Nail Polish Haul! - Part One

I went shopping the other day, just with my mum to get out of the house for a bit, but for me that always means buying nail polish! On this side of the world anyway :) back home it's different, I don't know they just don't have the brands that they do over here, ones over here are so much more colourful, and way more nicer to my wallet :)
I find the nicest colours here from the least expensive brands, equals out to about $3 or $3.50 a bottle, I consider that REALLY cheap haha :) back home it's more like $20 for nice colours. Anyways, I just thought I would take a picture of all of the ones I've bought here, and pick out my fave ones :)

Right now the brand I'm paying most attention to is "New York Color", their color palette is quite extensive, such nice colours and they're all up to date with the latest trends. I was able to find a really tasteful bright orange and also a green (which I had troubles with when I was looking through other brands like L'oreal/Max Factor etc.) they last as long as other ones would, so I wasn't complaining about that, their pricings were more than reasonable (maybe not for European standards but for Australian ones anyway). To be honest I prefer to buy these less known brands over ones like L'oreal or Revlon. I don't see any difference in between them, and they have a better colour palette. I like going out clubbing, so I like the idea of sparkly/more attention seeking nail colours, and NYC can definitely give me what I want!

Another brand I particularly like (even though I haven't bought many of this summer) is Miss Sporty. A more known brand throughout Europe, a bit more expensive (by a dollar or two), and their colour palette is really great as well. They have a "disco" range out right now, where they sell a clear nail polish that actually glows in blue light. It's honestly really cool! I've tried it :P my dad has a blue light at his house, so I bought a bottle, and I got it out, as curious as I am...and HERE IT IS! My bottle of nail polish...glowing in the dark! I was so impressed :P. How cool is it?!
You can't tell, but the photo up the very top of this entry, the two nail polishes are the nicest shades of purple (left: New York Color; in Prince Street. right: New York Color; in West Village). If you get the chance make sure to check them out because they're really nice :)

 This is the full collection as at, the ones that I've bought in the past mont and a half anyway :) These colours make me smile! :) I especially love the three up the top, the orange, pink and the purple right next to the pink one. These really describe the colours I like to wear right now :) so cute! I'm also in love with glitter at the moment and I'm sure not neglecting my nails from it :) I don't like head to toe sparkles, but some here and there I think makes anyone feel like a star, especially when out clubbing!

I might end my rant here, but make sure to let me know if you need the colour and brand name of any of these nail polishes up top :) Have a lovely Sunday everyone

(I don't claim to own this picture, I just liked it because of her bright nails :)

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