8 June 2011

First Pretty Goodness :)

I've had blogs, journals, everything before, but I never kept up with them :S.
I figured if I started a fashion blog, I would keep up with it, and regularly check back and update as I love fashion, clothes all those pretty thing :). I already have a chictopia account, so please if you have time to spare have a look at it, add me as a friend, vote, comment, whatever you feel like :)
I'm not too sure what to write here now :) I don't want to write a whole bunch of things about myself, I guess you will just have to find that out on your own in time, if you keep checking back in.

Currently I'm in Hungary for two months, but I live in Australia :) The clothes here are so much different, they hardly have any of the same clothing stores here as they do over there, but I like it because I can splurge a little and blame it on the fact that I will never be able to see that dress again if I don't buy it now :P I've come across some really nice things, especially at H&M. My favourite right now are these white high waisted shorts with really nice detail. I'll make sure to upload a picture as well, but it's all on my chictopia blog :)

I think this may be all for today, but todays weather has been up and down, so I may or may not dress up and take pretty pictures :)

Have a lovely day everyone :) xoxo

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