20 June 2011

Sheer sexy

These pictures are from yesterday :) my Nana has a cute little weekend house up in the mountains, and we went there for the day, it's so nice there the weather was amazing (unlike today). Theres a tiny river, or stream whatever you want to call it that flows through the whole city and she's lucky enough to have it come through right behind her little weekend home :) so cute!! The water was so clear it was so pretty :)
I wore:
Shorts: H&M for about $10AUD (they were on sale a couple of days ago ;)
Blouse: Supré, I think these cost me $15AUD a while back like half a year ago, I don't normally shop there because I don't like their clothes, it's all overly mass produced to the point where you can't find anything you won't see on a 13 year old. All aside I really liked this blouse, it's so flowy and it was really cheap :)
Sunglasses: Christian Dior, but these ones are probably around 20-30 years old lol my step dad bought it on ebay as a vintage, it says it was made in Germany, not sure how old it would be but I love it :)
Earrings: H&M, this was part of a set of three :) this one was so pretty!! There was also one that was a turquoise (they're not feathers, just studs), a colour I'm absolutely head over heels for at the moment and a pair of simple silver ball studs :)
Under the blouse I'm wearing an minty olive green bikini top from Quicksilver. I saw so many girls on chictopia wearing a bra under sheer blouses like the one I'm wearing, and I thought I put my own little twist on it with one of my favourite bikini tops. It's really funny that I needed new bikinis and right when I said those exact words to my mum we bumped into a surf shop where just for the day everything was 50% off :) so lucky! I always have such good luck when I go shopping. I love this look, the bikini top under the sheer blouse is so sexy in my opinion :). You can't really see the bikini top in the pictures though :( which is quite upsetting, because I really wanted to show everyone that YES I was able to pull something off with my own twist! Too bad it won't happen today :(

Have a great Sunday afternoon everyone, I hope yours is just as lazy as mine has been :)


  1. What a beautiful outfit! I love an all-white look! What a great idea wearing a bikini top, too - it's perfect for days at the beach also!

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments always on Chictopia! We're now happily following your blog :)

    sorelle in style

  2. Lovely shots! The background is dreamy, so green & plush. Beautiful creek, nice summer white outfit, looks cool & refreshing :D

  3. Total White!? I love!!! It is cool, it is sexy, it is elegant!!!