11 June 2011

I have this terrible need to look good.

Don't we all though?
Okay, this sounded really full of myself, I'm really not like that...but whenever I see something nice, I HAVE to have it...do you know that feeling? It's like the little stylish devil inside gets the best of me. The feeling when you have 3 bags on one arm, and 4 on the other and you tell yourself "NO, I won't buy this, because I don't need it!....Okay, maybe just this one more dress....I mean I won't be hurting anyone, I just won't shop again until next week, promise..." You pay for that amazing top that the little devil told you to buy, then when you're just about out the door you see another cute thing...and you HAVE to have it.

I can't count on two hands how many times that happened to me. It happened today, and three days ago, and two weeks ago, and....actually I won't count for you, because I can't remember how many times it's happened either :P.

Shopping is evil. It's like that saying..."Keep your friends close, but you enemies closer." I swear, my money is my best friend, and sales are my enemies. I wouldn't call them enemies though :( they do me so good 99% of the time.

H&M always gets the worst out of me...their clothes are so delicious. I swear, it's like they have their own little devil. We don't have h&m in Australia...that I know of? Either way, we just don't have it in Brisbane :) nope.....we don't have H&M in Brisbane...better believe it everyone :P I really wish we did. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that when I get back, the lovely queen street mall of ours will have acquired one :) For the record get home on the 19th of July, you have until then Brisbane to step up your game :)

I've been on holidays for 4 weeks counting this week. Away from my friends, my room, my amazing bed that I adore so much, and my boyfriend who I adore more. I've bought 20 bottles of nail polish (in the most amazing colours btw), 5 bags, half a wardrobe of clothes, about 6 pairs of shoes and so much makeup and presents for people....this is getting out of hand I swear :) Someone help me before I go up to the counter at the airport in Budapest and they tell me I have to pay an excess of $160 again to take my things home! Or....maybe I will just have to pack smart? :P They never weigh my carry-on bag. This year, I designated my country road duffel bag for my carry on. Her and I have gotten along well ever since I started university this year :) she has treated me well, so I treated her to a two month holiday ;)

I don't have pictures of my outfit today :( The weather was horrible...not horrible as in rainy horrible, but it was cold (for my Australian temp threshold) and it wasn't sunny...horrible gray skies. I hated it...but once again, I went shopping. What's new :P. The only thing that makes me feel a little better when I shop is that either it's for someone, or that it was on sale. If it's not on sale, and if it was expensive I feel horrible :( Maybe I'm a compulsive shopper? I can't help to want to look good though :S it's not my fault, it's society's.

I should cut this short right now :)
It's 10.54pm , and I need to sleep after all the walking I did today.
Night pretties :)

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