22 June 2011


I feel like my style has changed a bit since I started my chictopia blog, I'm starting to pay more attention to the fine details, accessories, and starting to use inspirations for my new outfits :) I thank all the pretty ladies posting pretty outfits on chictopia for that :) so thank you lovely ladies.

I took these photos yesterday, actually my mumma did :), wuith half a hand :P not bad efforts for that I think. It was raining half the day, well the half that we took these pictures in anyway :( so I couldn't go outside to take them, or anything!!

So my inspiration for this outfit was a picture out of the catalogue on threadscene.com at the moment :) the girl is wearing a striped pink and white maxi very similar to the one I wore two entries down, but I didn't want to wear that again. Anyways, the girl had more of a bohoish bag, which I don't have with me on this holiday, but I do have, not the exact same one BUT it would have gone with the outfit :) I think I'm going to go thrifting for a similar bag as was in the magazine, or just buy it if it's in my budget because I've seen heaps of those sorts of bags, but I didn't like it on the shelf.

You know those pieces that you'll see in store on the shelf and be like "why put that on the shelves? It looks hideous!" then you go try it on, or if it's an accessory you'll see someone else wearing it or you'll see it online and go "hey that really works". That was the bag!!! :P Sometimes it's pointless buying something like that high price online or in store because it may only work with that one outfit, so then I will go thrifting for it and buy it for such a small price that I can afford to wear it even just that once and never again.

My dad's takng pictures of me today, it's for a contest, and since he's really good with photography, I asked him to help me out :D I pictured a really fierce set of photos with a short tight high-waisted black skirt and a red top, something simple so the attention isn't drawn to the outfit. Red lipstick with winged out liquid eyeliner (so as always I'm going to youtube my makeup). I was thinking of straightening my hair, but I might curl it? I'm not too sure yet, but I'll figure it out :)

Anyways my nanna just got here, so I better cut this short and say hey. Have a lovely day everyone.

P.S. I couldn't upload the photos :( so in the meantime please visit my chictopia, I'll upload the photos when I get on my laptop later on today :) xoxo

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